As infinitas soluções da natureza.
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Wood Chips Wood Chips

We produce wood chips to feed the production of pulp and energy in the global market.

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Animal Nutrition Animal Nutrition

Precision nutrition aligned with a new natural technology. Animal welfare and productivity to improve zootechnical indices.

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Water and Waste Water Treatment Water and Waste Water Treatment

Water and waste water treatment combined with high-performance natural technology. Economically viable solution free of heavy metals.

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Leather Leather

For 80 years we have been supplying the world tannin market with a wide range of vegetable tannins, natural and modified, synthetic tannins and chemical specialties.

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Beverages Beverages

Natural solution using tannins and polyphenols to improve the structure and longevity of wines.

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Adhesives Adhesives

Products combined with a new natural technology, contributing to the construction of a sustainable environment and ecologically responsible products.

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Other Applications Other Applications

Ongoing research to multiply the possibilities and contribute with innovative products, of natural origin, renewable source and intelligent sustainability.

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infinite solutions

Translate the wonderful versatility of nature into solutions.
We are here for it.
For 80 years seeking to develop 
products that contribute more.


Optimize the versatility
of nature's renewable resources

  • We are specialists in natural solutions
    from Black Acacia.
  • We deliver valued products to customers that maximize
    their results and are sustainable at the same time.
  • We believe in the power of versatility
    to innovate.

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Institutional SETA´s Sustainable Vision 
Since 1941, uniting generations and respecting life.

SETA´s Sustainable Vision Since 1941, uniting generations and respecting life.

In 1941, to meet the growing demand of the local tanning industry, the Sociedade Extrativa Tanino de Acácia, better known as SETA, was created....

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Institutional New milestone: 2 years without accidents

New milestone: 2 years without accidents

Today, August 28, 2021, we reached a very important milestone: 730 days without accidents, in other words, 2 years without the occurrence of accidents...

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Institutional 1 Million minutes without accidents

1 Million minutes without accidents

Today we completed 1 MILLION MINUTES without accidents. This achievement is only possible because everyone here believes in the importance of carry...

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Institutional A new chapter in our history.

A new chapter in our history.

Seta was founded in 1941. Since then, innovation and joint achievements are part of our DNA. We've built a bold brand by being America's fi...

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